The Legal Edge Track

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Dealing with Student Loans: discharge, Defense and Collection

About the Program:
Attendees will learn about the law regarding the discharge of student loan debt in bankruptcy and about a recent U.S. Supreme Court petition addressing this issue from one of the drafting attorneys.  A former Department of Education attorney and deputy assistant secretary will  cover how the U.S. Department of Education is addressing the dischargeability of student loan debt and borrower defense to repayment, including current rulemaking.  Additionally, an attorney who focuses in the defense of student loan debtors will present on the defense of collection actions brought by student lenders.

Navigating Connecticut’s “Toughest in the Nation” Medical Marijuana Regulations
About the Program:
Nearing the two-year mark of Connecticut’s experience with medical marijuana, how has the DCP’s regulatory structure developed? Do the regulations go far enough, or are they too tough?

Campus Sexual Assault: Preparing for the Title IX Tidal Wave
About the Program:
The legal terrain of Title IX in the context of college campus sexual assault is complex and developing rapidly.  Students, parents, and administrators all face new challenges as the issue gains increased public attention.  The program will frame key elements and trends in this evolving area of law.

Read more about our offerings in this week’s Education Update.

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