Cyberattacks: A Threat to Every Law Firm


Friday, January 27
Cyberattacks: A Threat to Every Law Firm

About the Program
All businesses are at risk of attacks from cybercrimminals. Experts agree that attacks will only multiply, diversify, and intensify. Cybercriminals look for targets of opportunity and targets of least resistance, which means not just focusing on larger companies but moving down to smaller operations, especially since their systems are considered less resilient.

The hackers most likely will always be one step ahead. Unfortunately, no longer does one think in terms of “preventing” an attack; instead the focus is on minimizing or managing the risk.

You Will Learn

  • What has been transpiring in the industry and how law firms are targets of hackers
  • Why attorneys need to pay more attention
  • How data is being compromised – examples of methods and matters the law firms need to pay closer attention to
  • Identification of some key approaches to manage the risks

Learn more and register for this event here!


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