Top 3 Cybersecurity Tips for Lawyers

The CBA has put together a list of cybersecurity tips to help prevent your firm from being hacked. To learn more about cybersecurity and what to do if your clients are faced with a data breach, register for our CLE, “Hacked: Counseling Clients after a Data Breach,” tomorrow, January 10. Speakers for this seminar, including Arthur H. House, the first cybersecurity czar for the state of Connecticut, will address the legal clean-up faced by a business after a data breach.

Listed below are 3 steps to help prevent a cyberattack.

  1. Encrypt Data and use a Client Portal

It is crucial to protect client data, and many clients presume their lawyers are keeping sensitive data protected. However, clients aren’t the only ones aware you are holding highly sensitive information, cybercrimminals do as well, and will target you daily in attempts to gain access to these documents.

A better way to communicate with clients is through a client portal. Clio, Cosmolex, and Mycase are all law practice management software products offering a client portal. These three products are also benefits of a CBA membership. Most client portals are automatically encrypted. Additional people cannot access them without the firm’s knowledge and permission.

  1. Mobile Security

Always make sure to secure your mobile devices by making them all password protected. With that being said, it is suggested that lawyers use iPhones over Androids due to the fact that the built-in communications tools such as Facetime and Messages are already encrypted, providing better security options.

  1. Educate Your Colleagues

It has been reported that a significant amount of data breaches are due to corporate employees, whether it is intentional or through carelessness. Employees may bring their own devices to connect to your network or leave data on flash drives or home devices, creating “dark data,” data you don’t know about and have no control over. Make sure your colleagues are up to date, and following, your firm’s security procedures.

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